Protect & Shine

A ceramic quick wax that leaves a dry water-repellent surface behind.

Gives great runoff and high shine! Simply keeps the bike clean longer and makes it easier to wash and dry. Can be advantageously combined with our Quick Wash for a great finish and an extremely easy-to-maintain bike.

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Ceramic quick wax that gives your bike extra protection and shine.

Start by washing the bike thoroughly with our Bike Wash. Dry the bike and spray 1-2 times in a clean and dry microfiber cloth and apply to the bike. If more is needed, spray 1-2 more times in the canvas or directly on the bike. If you want extra shine, wait an hour before buffing the bike with a new clean and dry microfiber cloth.

If you want to boost the paint protection further, this product can be advantageously combined with our Quick Wash, which not only cleans, but also contains a regular wax that further increases the shine and helps keep away mud and dirt.

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