Bike Wash 'Super Concentrate'

Our concentrated Bike Wash is a biodegradable detergent that is super effective against anything nature can throw at you! It is also gentle on sensitive components and leaves behind a glossy and slightly protected surface. One bottle of concentrate provides 20 liters of pre-mixed detergent, which means you can keep your bike clean all season at an extremely low cost.

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Super concentrated detergent - up to 20l pre-mixed cycle wash.

Dilute 3-5% (15ml to 500ml, 30ml to 1000ml), remember that it is better to add more detergent than to mix vigorously. Apply the detergent with a spray bottle or low-pressure sprayer, give the detergent a couple of minutes to work. Rinse the bike and remember not to spray with a strong jet directly on sensitive parts such as crank bearings, steering bearings and suspension components. Stubborn dirt that has not gone away, spray on more product and work the dirt away with a soft brush.

To avoid scratching, use the spray to rinse off the dirt and keep the brush clean. Never let the agent dry in, and always test on a hidden surface if it is the first time you use the product.


500 ml

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