The family

About ODD

The year was 2012, in the majestic surrounds of Åre, Sweden. A place famous for its killer bike park and a hotspot for adventurous cycling buffs. Right there, amidst the roaring trails and rolling tracks, two guys, David and Hampus found their bro-ship. Their love for biking and skiing brought them together, laying the groundwork for what they didn’t know yet would be their joint venture: ODD Engineering.

These two aficionados, now known as the founders of ODD Engineering, didn’t just kick off a business – they realized a dream. Driven by the desire to hook up the Swedish cycling scene with top-notch gear at friendly prices that also give a nod to our environment, ODD Engineering was born in 2023 in Falun.

These trailblazers have biked through most of the bike parks in Sweden, clocked countless miles on road bikes, and have seen the struggles cyclists face – from chains caked in dirt and grit, to worn-out bike frames needing some TLC. It’s from these experiences and challenges that their passion to craft quality bike care products was born.

Quality ain’t just a priority

For ODD Engineering, quality ain’t just a priority – it’s their mantra. They get it – top-notch bike products don’t just boost performance, but they also add years to your bike’s lifetime. They’ve felt the burn of having to swap out parts over and over, and this has majorly fueled their drive to create solutions that last.

ODD Engineering is more than just a brand for bike cleaning stuff – it’s a shout-out to the love of the sport in all its forms. Every bottle of shampoo, every wax is a product of countless hours of hardcore passion and personal experiences.

David and Hampus’s story is a tale of how passion can morph into innovation, and how shared interests can rally folks together to whip up something extraordinary. From the steep slopes of Åre to the founding of ODD Engineering in Falun, they’ve shown that a love for a hobby can be a powerhouse in making the cycling world a better place.

ODD Engineering is their contribution to the Swedish cycling scene, a company striving to hook up cyclists with quality products to keep their rides in primo condition. It’s a salute to every gnarly downhill, every mile crushed, and every shared moment on two wheels. Their story is more than just about a bike wash business – it’s a story of friendship, community, and a raging passion for cycling.

Hampus Evers