Falun – Not Just Famous for Its Copper

When you think of Falun, your mind might first go to historical mines and red cottages, but the real claim to fame for this town is actually cycling. Yep, you heard that right. This little gem in the Dalarna region has become Sweden's answer to Whistler.

Much respect to the local men and women ("Dalmasar" and "Dalkullor") and the iconic Falun red paint, but if you haven't heard about the Bike gymnasium (High school) in Falun, you're seriously missing out. This school is basically a factory for future cycling pros. The students here aren't just high schoolers; they're future legends of cycling. With disciplines like road cycling, cyclocross, MTB, Downhill, Enduro, BMX, 4x, and Slopestyle, it's no wonder this place is churning out talent. And it's been doing so for a long time. Alumni like Emil Johansson, Ida Jansson, Jenny Rissved, Felix Beckeman, Anton Thelander, and Zakarias Johansen are proof of that.

But it's not just the high school putting Falun on the map. The city is like a magnet for cyclists of all diciplines, thanks to its awesome development. From technical singletracks to really sweet downhill courses, there's something here for every taste.

So, the next time you're wondering where to take your two-wheeler for some quality time, remember Falun. The city might not have palm trees and ocean views, but it's got something even better – kick-ass cycling that's sure to get your heart racing.

And who knows, maybe you'll bump into the next cycling mega star while grabbing a cold beverage after a day at Lugnet or maybe in Källviken. If you are lucky enough to befriend a local, there are some really sick spots you won't find in the Strava app. In Falun, it's not just the mine that's deep – the passion for cycling is just as boundless.

Hampus Evers