Common questions and answers

Here are answers to some of the questions we often get.

    What makes ODD's products unique compared to other cleaning products on the market?

    We are biased, of course. BUT, we place great value on our Swedish origins. The products themselves are also of very high quality, good value for money and smell good! Ours Bike Wash – Super Concentrate stands out in the crowd of brands selling similar products in that it lasts so much longer. You can mix up to 20 liters from 0.5 liters of concentrate.

    Can I use ODD's products on all types of bikes?

    Yes. Our products work on all types of bicycles. As usual, it is important to be careful on bicycles with sensitive paint and always test the product on an area that is not visible, for example on the inside of the swingarm.

    What benefits does ODD's ceramic wax bring to my bike?

    Ours wax provides a dry, water-repellent surface, which means great run-off and extra high gloss. Quite simply, our wax keeps the bike clean longer and makes it easier to wash and dry.

    How effectively does ODD's chain cleaner remove oil and dirt?

    Our Chain Degreaser is really sharp. Old oil, sand and mud dissolve it quickly and keep your drivetrain in top condition. If you have asphalt stains on your racer, let the Chain Degreaser work for a few minutes before applying Bike Wash. Very good combo!

    How is the environment affected by ODD's products? Are they biodegradable?

    Hey guys. This means that our products are gentle on nature and do not contain any toxic substances. When ODD was created, it was one of the first tough requirements we ourselves have for our products.

    Are there any packages or discounts available for ODD's products?

    We have different deals but not always. Keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter so you're always up to date!

    I want to be sponsored by ODD, is that possible?

    YES, it works. We are always looking for qualified people who want to develop with us. Submit your application here!

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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